Familiarize yourself with what CM does and if you are interested, be sure to contact us!

    Critical Minds was established in 2014. It was founded as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to promote science research experiences in youth. The primary goal of this organization is to provide students with the tools to successfully compete at local, state, and international science and engineering fairs.
    Many schools across the country require their students to complete 'science fair projects'. Many of these students complete these projects reluctantly and half-heartedly. With the proper structure, facilities, and mentors these same students can evolve into passionate budding scientists that have confidence in themselves and their work.

    Regional, State, and International Science and Engineering Fairs are competitions that award thousands of dollars in awards, cash, and scholarships every year. They facilitate network building between schools and local businesses and universities.

    Does your school provide the structure you need to win? If not, please contact Critical Minds as soon as possible!