Fall 2015​​​​ 

  • Developed Science Saturday's Programming 
    • Ecology in the Estuary 
    • Wildlife in the Woods 

Summer 2015 

  • Awarded:  Norcross Wildlife Foundation ($1500 Grant) 
    • ​Support for our Science Saturday's Programming

​​​Spring 2015 

  • 60th State Science and Engineering Fair of Florida 
    • Gold Award Recipients - Alexander Harris, Ariana Krinos
    • Silver Award Recipients - Martha Grudens

Ellen Estevez

Director - Grants

Ellen has earned her Bachelor's and Master's Degree's from University of Maryland.  She is currently closing in on her 30th year of being a highly effective educator in Charles County Public Schools in Southern Maryland. Though she has a great deal of experience reading children's sloppy hand-writing, she requires all grant applications to be submitted electronically. Ellen is an asset to our team and she looks forward to reading about what you want to do.

Andrea has a pair of Bachelor's Degrees in Zoology and Fisheries & Wildlife from Michigan State University. She is currently working on her Master's in Environmental Education, and plans to earn a certificate in Non-Profit Management as well. Even though she's always busy, she'll still find the time to help anyone that asks for it. Andrea works hard for us and she has an incredible passion for the outdoors and inspiring kids of all ages to have fun while learning.

On the horizon

Over the course of the next year, we have a fundraising goal of $5,000. We plan to award multiple grants of up to $250 for qualifying youth applicants.


As a new nonprofit organization, we are reliant upon the generosity of others. With no paid staff, we are always looking for those willing to share their expertise.


Critical Minds will enhance science education by engaging youth in original and authentic research experiences.

The day when our students have the resources in their hands that they want, need, and value will be the day our teachers, our parents, and our leaders can rejoice. Let's give them the tools and support they need so our future is bright.

Stay Connected

Andrea Lazzari

Director - Education

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Joe has a Bachelor's Degree in Science Education - Physics from Florida Institute of Technology and a Master's In Education Administration. Throughout his experience as an educator, it has become obvious to him that science research could be conducted by students of all ability levels, however some of the best had one thing in common. The great ones were those who were wired with a critical mind.

Recent Events

Joe Estevez