National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP):

  • Students with a 3.26-4.0 science GPA were rated 'Proficient' (average score: 178/300) on the NAEP Science Assessment
  • Students with a 2.67 or lower science GPA were rated 'Basic' (131/300) on the NAEP Science Assessment

We know if we don't provide it, they won't get it and that's not OK with us.

    We provide merit and need-based support to deserving applicants who have demonstrated:
    • Competency in working with the scientific method.
    • A clear vision for the research to be completed.
    • A plan of action that they will take if awarded a financial grant from Critical Minds.
    • A realistic financial void that Critical Minds can fulfill.
    • A passion for the science they plan to investigate.
    • A willingness to share images and a final report of their progress with us and our donors.
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    Why we do it

    Enhancing Education

    ​​Why we do it

    Engaging Youth

    ​​Why we do it

    Apply for Support today!


    Apply for Support today!

    Engaging Youth

    What we do


    We plan to expand our Science Saturdays Programming this winter. If you are an educator and would like a copy of our curriculum we would be happy to send a copy upon request. 

    We directly engage youth in real science in our specialized programs, as you read this we are developing and revising curriculum for each of the following areas:
    We match student applicants who need subject area expertise to a mentor that is willing and able to provide guidance with respect to:
    • Brainstorming reasonable research topic ideas
    • Reinforcement of scientific practice with integrity
    • Collaborating with the student in defining the research scope
    • Serving as a spring board for the student to generate original science research topics
    • Advising with honest and constructive feedback on written work completed by the student
    • Assisting the student in an effective approach to review of data 
    • ​School Based Programs

      • ​Electron Excitement Extravaganza

      • pHading Colors

      • ​Launching into STEM

    • Fund experiments that we find to be dangerous, unethical, or unsatisfactorily planned.
    • Provide facilities for the applicant to work at.
    • Expect your work to go perfectly.

    We support science research work that is done outside the traditional walls of a classroom, not YouTube replications.

      We recognize that the best pathway forward in education is by taking initiative on the fronts that will pay the most dividends. 

      • American children ages 3 -12 spend 27 percent of their time each week watching television, and only 1 percent outdoors (Hofferth & Sadberg, 2001)

      • Children ages 8 – 18 engaged in over seven hours of media time (e.g., watching TV, listening to music, using the Internet/computer, playing video games) each day (Rideout, Foehr & Roberts, 2010)​

        Tell me and I forget;
        Teach me and I remember;
        Involve me and I learn.
        - Benjamin Franklin
        • Science Saturdays

          • ​Ecology in the Estuary

          • Fire and Forestry

          • Wildlife in the Woods


        What we do